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Friday, April 17, 2020


11:00 AM Kuala_Lumpur

Optimise your advertising budget allocation

Learn ways to target your advertising campaigns to efficiently keep your spending capacity to a minimum.

Performance based marketing – your key to more sales

Listen to professionals in the industry talk about their key insights on techniques to generate the most results on your platform.

What to expect

Grab this opportunity to listen affiliate marketing industry experts. In the brief webinar, they will discuss strategies pertaining to affiliate marketing and Involve Asia’s role in beginning your journey with us. Tune in to find out more.

  • Welcome notes | Mr. Gerald Young (Chief Revenue Officer)
  • Introduction Involve Asia | Mr. Jimmy How (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies | Mr. Gerald Young (Chief Revenue Officer)
  • What You Need | Mr. Cris Tan (Advertiser Account Manager)
  • How To Get Started | Mr. Gerald Young (Chief Revenue Officer)
  • Questions & Answers

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